Thermagrip's core benefits.

Thermagrip is the ultimate anti-slip solutions for steps, ramps and walkways.

Due to Thermagrip’s manufacturing process, the anti-slip aggregate is added whilst the product is in its moltent state. This ensures the anti-slip aggregate is present throughout the full depth of the product, so as the top surface is worn it exposes more anti-slip aggregate from below. Unlike other products such as GRP whereby as the surface is worn, the product loses its anti-slip property, becoming smooth and dangerous, as Thermagrip’s solutions wear, the anti-slip property increases. See link for more information.

Thermagrip’s benefits:

  • Improves Health & Safety
  • Fully DDA Compliance
  • Reduced litigation and reduced insurance premiums*
  • Thermagrip has the highest anti-slip rating of all products in both wet and dry conditions
  • Reduced maintenance costs year-on-year (No costly repainting, Thermagrip only requires jet washing or brushing with soapy)
  • Protects the exciting infrastructure from damage, wear and tear
  • Costs can be offset as a CapEx
  • Cost can be set against Corporation Tax as a safety enhancement
  • Improve branding and aesthetics
  • Thermagrip can in retro fitted without disruption or downtime
  • Thermagrip can be applied in most weathers, between events or even over night if required
  • Thermagrip is operation from the moment it’s fitted – No drying or downtime .
  • Messaging, numbering, branding and sponsorship can be inset into the product. This means as the product is worn these detail will remains throughout the life of the material. Unlike other products whereby these details are stencilled onto the top surface only and are subject to wear. See link for more details
  • Thermagrip enables increased sponsorship opportunities and increased revenues year-on-year
  • Branded and sponsored steps and surfaces can be quickly swapped out as required
  • Thermagrip can be installed in stages to fit schedules or budgets
  • Thermagrip won’t crack, splinter or delaminate
  • Impact resistant
  • Salt resistant. See link for more details
  • Surface flame won’t spread and any surface flames self extinguishing once source of fire is removed
  • Thermagrip does not give off any toxic fumes when in fire conditions
  • Tested to a minimum of 1 million footfall* See link for more details
  • 10 year guarantee*
  • Available in many standard colours (Bespoke colours available based on order value)
  • Thermoplastic is highly recyclable. See link for more details
  • Patent protected

See video for more details

Stadiums & arenas

Stadiums & arenas

Thermagrip is the only anti-slip solution that allows you to embed branding, logos, numbers and messaging into the surface enables increased sponsorship revenues. It can be retro fitted between events, fitted in stages and reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Steps & walkways

Steps & walkways

Thermagrip's unique anti-slip solution improves public safety, ensures you are DDA compliant and helps mitigate slip hazards and injury claims. Guaranteed to a minimum of 1m footfall and only requires jet washing or a soapy brush to keep it looking pristine.

Dock levellers & loading bays

Dock levellers & loading bays

Thermagrip can be retro fitted directly to metal plate or concrete dock levellers and loading bays without any downtime. Bay numbers and safety messages can be embedded into the surface. It is hard wearing and required minimum maintenance.

Ramps & slopes

Ramps & slopes

Thermagrip's IP protected, has the highest slip resistance of all products available in both wet and dry conditions. It unique qualities enables safety messages to be embedded into its surface rather than just on the surface and therefore isn't prone to wear and tear.

Challenges with health & safety?

Safer environment

Thermagrip is fully DDA compliant,
improves health & safety and public safety and helps mitigate slip hazards and costly litigation.

Reduce maintenance

Thermagrip’s anti-slip surface is hard wearing, has been tested to a minimum of 1m footfall and only requires washing down with soapy water.

Generate revenue

Thermagrip is unique in that it allows you to integrate logos and messaging into the anti-slip material rather than it being applied to just the top surface.

See what QPR think of Thermagrip

“A slip or a trip on a staircase can cost a significant amount of money, you’re easily within hundreds of thousands over a couple of seasons”
Joshua Scott
Head of Operations QPR

QPR Football

An unrivalled anti-slip surface

  • Anti-slip
  • DDA compliant
  • Tested to minimum of 1m footfall
  • 10 year guarantee**
  • No disruption on install

Plus many other benefits!

**Subject to terms and conditions

Before Thermagrip
After Thermagrip

A proven solution