Stadiums & arenas

Stadiums & arenas

Thermagrip is the only anti-slip solution that allows you to embed branding, numbers and messaging. This enables you to increase sponsorship revenues and it can be retro fitted without disruption.

Steps & walkways

Steps & walkways

Thermagrip's unique anti-slip solution improves public safety, ensures you are DDA compliant and helps mitigate slip hazards and injury claims. Guaranteed to a minimum of 1m footfall.

Dock levellers & loading bays

Dock levellers & loading bays

Thermagrip is the only anti-slip solution that can be retro fitted directly to metal plate dock levellers and loading bays. It is hard wearing and low maintenance - Just wash down with soapy water.

Ramps & slopes

Ramps & slopes

Thermagrip's IP protected, anti-slip surface not only improves your health & safety and DDA compliance, it uniquely enables you to embed safety messages directly into its surface and significantly reduces maintenance.

Challenges with health & safety?

Safer environment

Thermagrip is fully DDA compliant,
improves health & safety and public safety and helps mitigate slip hazards and costly litigation.

Reduce maintenance

Thermagrip’s anti-slip surface is hard wearing, has been tested to a minimum of 1m footfall and only requires washing down with soapy water.

Generate revenue

Thermagrip is unique in that it allows you to integrate logos and messaging into the anti-slip material rather than it being applied to just the top surface.

See what QPR think of Thermagrip

“A slip or a trip on a staircase can cost a significant amount of money, you’re easily within hundreds of thousands over a couple of seasons”
Joshua Scott
Head of Operations QPR

QPR Football

An unrivalled anti-slip surface

  • Anti-slip
  • DDA compliant
  • Tested to minimum of 1m footfall
  • 10 year guarantee**
  • No disruption on install

Plus many other benefits!

**Subject to terms and conditions

Before Thermagrip
After Thermagrip

A proven solution