Old Trafford Cricket Ground

Built in 1857, Old Trafford hold the record for the most World Cup Cricket Matches ever held, and more recently became the focus of the 2019 world cup. The members pavilion is a special place for spectators who loyally follow Lancashire, who’s emblem is the famous Red Rose of the county. Thermapply were asked if they could supply an anti-slip coating to the steps in the members which would make the spectating area a much safer environment for all. Due to the uniqueness of the Thermapply Patented Anti-Slip product, Thermapply were able to incorporate the intricate design which is the rose into every other step, making what is usually a dull surface, something the members could be proud of. The images here illustrate just what is possible when using the Thermapply Anti-Slip product for spectator steps. Sponsorship branding can be incorporated within the body of a step, letters or numbers and even cautionary messages. The product carries a 10 year anti-slip warranty (surface condition applies) and is interchangeable at a reasonable cost.

Available in over 15 colours, almost any design can be incorporated within the step or walkway surface with such accuracy that corporate identities are perfectly reproduced. Extremely durable with no drying time the product is immediately useable once installed. For those in the stadium business the opportunities for such a product are multiple, not least the safety of the paying public.

We like to think that the Thermapply product provides a ‘Safer Visitor Experience’

For further information, contact Thermagrip Ltd on 01625 874534 or email info@thermapply.co.uk

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